Roms Format

What the differences between .3ds and .cia ?

If you search on the Google, you can find two ways to play game roms for 3DS. The one is using CFW hack, the other is Flashcart 3ds hack (Sky3ds and Gateway).

What are .3ds games?

3DS ROMs are dumped versions of those on game Cartridges. They can be run using Flashcarts (Dangerous to play online with).

What are .cia games?

Here introduce you cia games, cia game patches, dlc in cia format. All the file can be always showed on 3DS MAIN MENU, if you install them successfully.

cia games: The cia games can be installed directly on the 3DS Main Menu, users can play it more conveniently
game patches : Some 3ds games need to be updated to fix the game bugs, with the cia patches, you are easily to patch the 3ds games to enjoy.
game dlc : The extra content which enhances or completes the video game’s features.

3ds VS cia games?

cia game is installed on the SD card directly comming with the 3DS, you don’t need insert any game card or the flashcart
cia game can save the power,it’s loaded from the SD card directly. Especially on sleep mode, it will save a lot.
cia game can be easy to load savedata.
cia game can play online directly. More safe to use

Region Free (RF) mark means the game will play perfectly fine on any console in any Region/Country.

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