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Puzzle-Solving games are not so much a genre but denote any type of non-puzzle game that features puzzle solving elements.

Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and The Millionaire’s Conspiracy

From the makers of the popular Professor Layton game series comes a new puzzle adventure starring Katrielle “Kat” Layton. The story focuses less on dynamic problem-solving and more on solving multiple mystery cases observed in the everyday lives of Londoners, which will bring a faster tempo and more comical tone to the series. .CIA (USA) …

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Bye-Bye BoxBoy!

Wait…a box is the last defense against annihilation?! Well, fear not — Qbby is no ordinary box. Using his four startling new powers, you must solve hundreds of puzzles across 18 deadly worlds in Bye-Bye BoxBoy!, the third and final game in the BoxBoy puzzle game franchise. Create boxes to climb, hover, warp, and bomb …

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Our boxy hero, Qbby, has a brand-new power that lets him duplicate his blocky bod into TWO sets of boxes. He’ll put every box to use to survive perilous traps across 11+ worlds of puzzling levels. Learn new tricks and box formations to get past obstacles, like switches, spikes, and even lazers! Once you learn …

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Tetris Ultimate

A new evolution of the world’s most-loved puzzle game, Tetris Ultimate offers exciting modes, fun features and unique visuals. In this fast-paced game of skills, you can take on the puzzle game solo, battle a friend, partner up with friends, or make battle teams. Tetris Ultimate allows 1-4 players to face off in six different …

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Tetris: Axis

Loved globally by people of all ages and all cultures, the Tetris game continues to be one of the most widely recognized video games of all time. And now, Tetris fans can experience the game like never before on the Nintendo 3DS with Tetris: Axis. Featuring over 20 fun‐filled game modes, Tetris: Axis for Nintendo …

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